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Mist eliminator

Mist eliminator

Colasit mist eliminator

Mist eliminators are used wherever droplets of pollutant or process materials arise which have to be removed accordingly from liquid-laden exhaust air. Among others, this is necessary during the course of surface treatment operations and in the chemicals and electronics industry.

The separation capacity is characterised by the smallest separable droplet, known as the limit drop.

The optimum form of section and the technical process parameters are always determined on a project-specific basis and therefore individually aligned to your company. During the process, the section of the mist eliminator deflects the exhaust air, which is extracted by the Colasit plastic fan, several times. This deflection leads to the separation of the droplets from the saturated exhaust air. The condensate which arises is subsequently guided out of the system.

The dimensions of the system are generally chosen so that a separation rate of 99.9% of all droplets which are bigger than the droplet limit diameter is achieved.


Mist eliminator

Applications: Mist eliminators are used wherever the smallest droplets of pollutant or process materials have to be removed from...