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Mist eliminators are used wherever droplets of pollutant or process materials arise which have to be removed accordingly from liquid-laden exhaust air. Among others, this is necessary during the course of surface treatment operations and in the chemicals and electronics industry.

How it works

The exhaust air, which is extracted by the Colasit plastic fan is deflected several times by a profile grille. Due to their inertia, the droplets from the saturated exhaust air collide with the profile walls, are separated there and can be removed from the system at the bottom.

Separation efficiency

The separation performance is characterized by the smallest depositable drops (limit drop). The profiles used by COLASIT are optimally designed for every requirement. The separation rate is 99.9% of all drops that are bigger than the droplet limit diameter.

Separation of aerosols

If the exhaust air tends to form aerosols, these can be effectively separated with a specially dimensioned fabric.


The COLASIT mist eliminator consists of a rectangular housing, in which the separator packsare installed in a two-layer design by default. The packages can be removed laterally for cleaning. All components are made of thermoplastics.

Functional principle of a lamella separator


Schematic representation of the operation