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Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

Colasit heat exchanger

Protecting the environment and sustainability are more important than ever before, which means that the importance of recovering energy from contaminated streams of exhaust air is constantly increasing. In this respect, we aim to comply with the limit values according to the EU guidelines at all times.

The high-quality, corrosion resistant heat exchanger made from plastic forms the backbone of an efficient use of heat from aggressive gases and liquid media. Our plastic heat exchangers are distinguished by their high chemical resistance and their easy cleaning. It also goes without saying that all the European standards regarding energy efficiency are fulfilled.

The heat exchanger from Colasit has a modular structure. This flexible modular system means that we can also offer you individual solutions.
The low pressure-drop means that the heat exchanger is very economical. To achieve this, the right technical configuration and the choice of materials are of particular importance.


Gas-water heat exchanger

-30 to +140 °C
3 to 16 bar
up to 150'000 m3/h