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Exhaust air purification

Exhaust air purification


Exhaust gases that pose a threat to health and the environment can arise in many manufacturing and laboratory processes. Colasit has been operating in this field for more than 40 years and constructs exhaust air purification and thermal recovery systems. We can also manufacture these systems for you for an environment which is at risk of explosion (ATEX zone 1 and zone 2).

In this respect, compliance with the statutory limit values – the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) – determine the solution.

Our core area of expertise is the handling of toxic exhaust air chemicals in the following industries:

- Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biochemicals
- Semiconductor / solar / surface engineering
- Waste water / waste recovery systems including composting and drying
- Food industry

Our experienced engineering team will be pleased to accompany you: from the project management, to the installation, to the commissioning, through to the servicing of the suitable exhaust air purification system.

Vertical counter-flow exhaust air scrubber RVE

-30 to +120 °C
+/- 1'500 Pa
up to 60'000 m3/h

Horizontal cross-flow exhaust air scrubber RHE

-30 to +120 °C
+/- 1'500 Pa
up to 45'000 m3/h

Gas-water heat exchanger

-30 to +140 °C
3 to 16 bar
up to 150'000 m3/h

Mist eliminator

Applications: Mist eliminators are used wherever the smallest droplets of pollutant or process materials have to be removed from...